Stockton College, October 2013

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Stockton College of New Jersey 
October 10, 2013
Galloway, New Jersey


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Dr. Jeff Goldstein, NCESSE Center Director, is giving a public presentation at Stockton College of New Jersey, October 10, 2013.


Public Presentation
7:00 pm Thursday, October 10, 2013
Ocean City High School Auditorium and Observatory
501 Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, NJ

A Voyage that will Forever Change Your Perspective of Home
Dr. Jeff Goldstein
Center Director, National Center for Earth and Space Science Education
Institute Director, Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education

When we venture beyond our home and explore a greater landscape—whether it’s the town beyond our house, or a planet beyond the Earth—we gain a deeper sense of our own existence. It’s a fundamental principle of exploration. To truly know and appreciate our home, we must leave it. So to truly know and appreciate a place called Earth, we must venture beyond it, and recognize the breadth and majesty of a greater universe.

From another vantage point—we are integrally connected to the universe, and it to us—so to know the universe is to know ourselves. And while we may seem small in its shadow, beauty has nothing to do with size—for the universe is revealed with something the size of the human mind.

You’re invited to the story of our existence—a race of explorers, 6 billion tiny souls strong. It is a story that ignites wonder about the universe, and a sense of pride in our ability to reveal its nature through both human imagination and ingenuity. It is a story that humbles us, and brings a sense of humility to our lives. It is a voyage that will forever change your perspective of home.

Focus: inspiration to young and old—a wonderful family program; understanding the nature of our existence using the power of models