At a time when there is a great disparity in educational
preparedness for students across America…

At a time when it should be the birthright of all students to an education
that allows them to successfully enter the job markets of the 21st century…

At a time when America must inspire its next generation of scientists and engineers if
we as a nation are to compete in the technology markets of the 21st century…

New Flight Opportunity for School Districts  
Mission 8 to the International Space Station (Go to 10/9/14 Announcement)
Experiment Design Phase: Spring 2015; Flight to ISS: Fall/Winter 2015

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A Past Highlight
Over 12,000 SSEP Students in Live Webcast with ISS
November 15, 2012
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The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) creates and oversees national programs addressing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, with a focus on earth and space. Programs are designed to provide an authentic window on science as a human endeavor, and to inspire … then educate.

A central objective of the Center’s programs is to help continue America’s legacy as a leader on the frontiers of science and technology well into the 21st century by helping to ensure a scientifically literate public and a next generation of scientists and engineers—both of which are of national importance in an age of high technology.

In 2012, the Center launched its international arm, the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education, which recognizes that all humanity is on a journey aboard spaceship Earth, that the story of our existence knows no national borders, and it should be the birthright for all our children to understand that the explorer lives within them.

NCESSE is a project of Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to social change.