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Blog on the UniverseThis is why we tell stories. This is why we teach. To pass a piece of ourselves to the next generation—so that the young can aspire to cross frontiers none have crossed before.
—Dr. Jeff

Blogger Jeff Goldstein, Ph.D., is the Director of the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. Many of Dr. Jeff’s Blog on the Universe posts are cross-posted at the Huffington Post, The Climate Community, and the Space Tweep Society Blog.

Launched in May 2009, Blog on the Universe is for anyone who gets joy from learning and aspires to know. To visit this space, you just need to be open to the possibility that science, the majesty of the universe, and the nature of our home world Earth can be presented in an exciting new light. The Blog was originally designed to help teachers of science and math—and parents—make science an adventure. But its broader appeal is obvious. If you’re human—and you’re willing to connect with the innate curiosity within you—this Blog’s for you.

Whether you’re just an intrigued visitor, a grade K-12 classroom teacher, a museum or science center educator, or a parent exploring our world with your child at home, Blog on the Universe is committed to conceptual understanding at an emotional level. It’s about getting you emotional about science, and providing experiences that might help you become a passionate advocate for both science education and good stewardship of our planet (if you’re not already.)

This MESSENGER spacecraft image of Mercury was created for the Center's Voyage National Program. The story behind this image was covered at Blog on the Universe. Click for Zoom and Details

This MESSENGER spacecraft image of Mercury was created for the Center's Voyage National Program. The story behind this image was covered at Blog on the Universe. Click for Zoom and Details

What? You don’t believe you can get emotional about science—and that it can inspire, and launch the dreams of a next generation? You might want to hear from some parents, teachers, and kids we know.

Every week, the Blog provides conceptual nuggets you can use to foster deep and inspiring discussions with friends, students in the classroom, and with family at home; that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of learning; and breathe life into science, math, and exploration. Five different flavors of Blog posts each have their own spin on learning. Read about each of them: Dr. Jeff’s Weekly Challenge, Teachable Moments in the News, Dr. Jeff’s Jeffisms, Dr. Jeff Speaks Out on the debate of the moment, and the endearing Driving with Jordi. Most posts include tips for teachers and parents.

The Blog also contains Resource Pages with essays addressing broader topics than a Post, including: the Nature of Our Existence in a greater universe, the Art of Teaching, Scientists and Engineers as Heroes, and the Power of Models in learning environments (every teacher of science should read this one); powerful quotes on human exploration; a commitment to climate change education; and Cool Resource Lists with separate listings for teachers, parents, and community leaders.

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The Teachers’ Toolbox makes the content accessible and usable as lessons in the classroom and at home. It includes a Teacher’s Lesson Planner where you’ll find a list of all the Posts sorted by general category, e.g., Solar System, and for each Post—the essential question, the concepts covered, the learning objectives, required math skills, and any special features. Teachers and parents can scan the Lesson Planner and see what Blog content is relevant to what they’re teaching in the classroom or at home, or just get great ideas for new lessons.

The Teachers’ Toolbox also includes Teachable Moments in the News—QuickLinks, allowing you to easily and rapidly bring current and compelling science news stories into the classroom—in a manner relevant to the curriculum—using the power of the Blog’s existing library of Posts and Resource Pages.

“[The Art of Teaching essay is] Beautiful! As a home schooling mother, my first objective is to encourage my children, my students, to find and love their individual strengths – and then to use those strengths to forge their own paths. Academics, though no less important, are secondary. I often wonder if I am doing the right thing in this approach, but reading your words makes me believe that I probably am.”
Tavi Greiner

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Science education through conceptual understanding—at an emotional level
Content resources for teachers and parents

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Live coverage of the MESSENGER spacecraft flyby of Mercury, Sept. 2009
Coverage of the Apollo 11 40th anniversary on July 20, 2009

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