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Potential Approach for Engaging Our PLNs for Education Reform
Some thoughts for #edchat April 20, 2010

The following could be enabled by Social Media-

1. Defining the Fundamentals

Define the problem(s) we feel need to be addressed: is this about reform at national, state, or local levels? What specifically is broken that needs to be reformed?

With problem in hand, the following will likely naturally flow-

Define the stakeholders: is this a movement by classroom teachers? Ed-tech teachers? Admin at the principals level? All three? Other?

Define the content area: is this about general ed reform? Or is it for specific subject areas? Is there an interdisciplinary issue we are pushing?

Define the objectives: are we doing this to start a movement? Is it to be enabled by social media, extending beyond Twitter? Do we want this to also be a visible example for the power of social media in … education?

2. Engage the “Network of PLNs” (a network of networks) to Frame the Issues

Assemble a Core Team reflective of educational leadership across the stakeholders

Core Team asks the Network of PLNs to propose the plank of issues that might be addressed

Core Team catalogs and disseminates plank of issues (which will be vast) to Network of PLNs for ranking in order of importance.

Core Team assembles list of final issues.

For every issue, the Core Team (informed by Network of PLNs) should propose a solution- reflecting the notion that pointing to problems without posing solutions will not garner traction.

Draft a Working Document for proposed reform, disseminate for comment to Network of PLNs, and refine.

Final Working Document is signed by all in agreement.

Important point: we need to work hard to engage a vast audience of educators as the Network of PLNs.

3. Lobbying for Change

ran out of time! #edchat is about to start.

Let me know your thoughts!

Jeff Goldstein, Center Director
National Center for Earth and Space Science Education